Stuck In The Bog

Picture of Lake George, New York (This is the setting of James Fenimore Cooper’s book “The Last of the Mohicans”) – This was 2015 trip with my family.


It’s been a challenging week. Getting myself to write anything or look through the blogs here is taking a great deal of effort. While I do have a reasonable level of talents and abilities, the fact that I’m now trying to write things which others will see creates and “active resistance” which just about completely shuts me down. Typing each word is onerous. Trying to write out a coherent entry is impossible.

Right now, this is the best I can do.

As painful as this is, I must admit that it’s quite interesting. I understand my past, but even so, how did I end up here? How did I end up this way?

Though troubling, it’s quite fascinating.

I hope you are well and wish you peace,

Theseus (fightingtheminotaur)


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