Checking In (And Trying To Help Where I Can)

I just wrote a comment to another blogger. In searching through the blogs I follow, it’s hard to see the pain and troubles which so many folks contend with. Writing for my own sanity and healing is helpful, but it seems no less important to reach out to others.

I have no special wisdom or insight and the internet isn’t the place to find the answers and support for all of life’s challenges and difficulties. But if I was able to help this other person today, even just a little bit, then it’s well worth it.

I’ll try to get back later today. But it’s Saturday and I’m striving to be present for my spouse and child. It’s hard to live within my darkness and yet meet them in the light of where they are. However, even though that light is painful and hurts my eyes (metaphorically), I find that the more time I spend with them there, the more used to the light I become – the more comfortable with “normal” I get.

Be Well,


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