A Note On Continuity And Tone

I realize that some of my entries lack continuity and may seem to fluctuate in their tone. The thing is that at this point, I’ll write something, but then add to it when I read it through a second or third time. Because of this, it certainly lacks an editorial finish.

Though I often seem to strike a rather negative tone, writing is one of the things which helps to lift the fog and heaviness. It’s a way in which I’m able to work through negative internal dialogues in order to find my way to a more healthy, positive perspective.

Because I’m still working through a lot, some my writing has more of a “brain storm” quality to it than a polished finish. I allow this because even though writing helps, trying to revise and edit much of what I write would mean I’d never have anything ready to post. As such, I do the best that I can to maintain theme and continuity of tone…but this doesn’t always work out.

I’m also trying to keep my entries relatively short. I don’t want anything to become ponderously long.

If I can’t edit entries as I go, I’ll certainly work at revising them later.

Thanks for your patience!

Be Well,


One thought on “A Note On Continuity And Tone

  1. Reading through your posts, I’ve never felt that it lacks continuity. I just read it, and feel honoured to be let into a piece of your world. I’ve never noticed anything else (writing style, etc). It’s your blog, and you shouldn’t feel you have to write a specific way or even edit/polish. It’s perfect the way it is. šŸ™‚


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