There’s A Better World I See…That’s Beyond My Sight To See!

The funny thing I find in rereading my entries is that I’m much more optimistic and determined than many of my entries would seem to indicate. I come here to vent and process and it’s actually surprising to read some of the things I’ve written.

I love and treasure my child. There were years when I never thought he would heal and be able to function with others. Today, he’s able to live an normal life and is beloved by all who know him. He is a better man than I am…and this fills me with joy!

I love and treasure my partner. We’ve struggled together against joined challenges as well as mutual misunderstandings and hurts. I would not trade the life we’ve lived together for anything…my devotion and love remain undimmed.

If there is nothing else, I love and treasure my struggle to be a good partner and parent. I will never stop seething and striving to become the better part of who I am. I ask for nothing else…not even the possible achievement of such things – for there are no guarantees.

I (seek to) love and treasure the world and the people all around me – even if we don’t understand and harm ourselves and others as well as myself. I may not understand, but I strive to extend a helping hand out of compassion and empathy…

…I seek to become nothing more or less than the better part of myself…for the benefit of all.

The world can be a beautiful place. What it actually becomes is what we – each – choose to make of it.

There are many forces within this world – Which do we choose to live out and manifest?

I choose without consultation or reference. I choose compassion and empathy! I choose the better part of myself, for myself and all!

Darkness may engulf me, but I continue to seek the light. I may be lost, but I refuse to give up on finding a path. I may never emerge, but I will never stop swimming towards the surface.

I shake my fist at what I see, as I believe – I know – there’s a better world beyond my sight of thoughts and assumptions!

Be Well, My Friends


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