A Mistake And Apology: The Pain We Cause Others By Accident

I didn’t want to write anything else today, but I may have inadvertently caused someone even more pain that they were already struggling with. I had to say something.

While waiting for my son, I was trying to read other blogs and make some supportive comments. By accident, I posted a response from one person’s blog into the comments of another. If it had been a rather benign topic, I wouldn’t have worried about it. Unfortunately, the incorrect pasting dealt with a very intense, difficult topic. I’m very upset that I may have caused another person more pain.

One thing I hate almost more than anything else is to cause another person pain. Of course, I struggle myself, but it’s for just that reason that I so loath inflicting it (even unintentionally) on others.

There are 2 times in my life when I deliberately, maliciously caused a great deal of pain to another human being. I was in the early part of grade school and couldn’t have been older than 8 or 9 in both cases. Fortunately, I was held accountable in both cases and witnessed, first hand, the effect of what I had done. It may sound ridiculous, but I’m still haunted by these two incidents. At 50, I’m still deeply troubled by what I had done then and the result is that I became passionately defensive in support of anyone whom I feel is being treated unfairly or abused. I regret the way I came to learn this lesson, but I’m grateful that I did, in fact, learn it.

But in life, even when unintended, there are times when we cause hurt and pain to others. I writhe when I do. My very soul howls in agony and despair. This too, may sound ridiculous…but I know what it’s like to be hurt, really hurt, and I wish to ease the tribulations and pain of others, not be a source of it.

Respecting the comment on the other person’s blog, I immediately realized my mistake and sent an immediate apology. But I’m just a complete wreck right now.

My point is that I don’t want to cause hurt or cause pain to anyone, intentionally or unintentionally. There’s too much anger and hate in the world right now. I really don’t want to contribute to it in any way. I know that being the source of someone elses pain can’t always be avoided, but I’m deeply disturbed when I am that source.

I strive to be a source of healing and peace to others. I strive to live as a better example of who I am.

Be Well, My Friends


2 thoughts on “A Mistake And Apology: The Pain We Cause Others By Accident

  1. Please dont beat yoursel up about this (I should take my own advice sometimes). We’re human and accidents happen. If we can admit our mistake/action and apologize for it, that’s good enough.

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    • Thank you Rayne!

      One of my challenges is that I struggle to not over castigate myself. I blame myself for the days when it rains! The thing is, I hate feeling that I’ve caused anyone any pain. I know what pain is like. You know what pain is like. You are very generous in your support…and I’m most grateful for being able to call myself your friend. We may have never met, but I’m grateful for knowing you as we do.

      Thank you, my friend!

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