My Fortune (And Hoping I’m Doing It Right)

Had to make one more entry. It’s 12 AM here in Philly. While I muse, my son is slumbering happily, in a world I’ve helped create for him in which he finds little but joy and contentment. My wife is a bit stressed, but she’s drifting off to sleep in a world in which she knows her lover and husband is totally devoted to her and will do anything for her in-spite of any difficulty or pain he may experience. She is generous in her forbearance and has faith that he (I) will rise above any personal issues or disagreeableness which he is so inclined to.

To have two such beautiful souls in my life – if only two – how could I complain about anything?

I am truly blessed and fortunate. I won the “life lottery” to have such people as a part of my my life. I’ve waited a long time for this and don’t know how I couldn’t have screwed it up…try though as I may have (unconsciously of course).

All my life, the only thing I’ve wanted and dreamt of was a home filled with love and peace. Though I struggle within my own darkness, I seem to give them what they need and deserve.

I just hope I’m not kidding myself.

Be Well, My Friends,

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