Healing Wounds Which No One Sees

There were several things I needed to do yesterday and it was rather challenging. The difficulty is that, for me at least, trying to do anything is rather difficult because it because I don't have much energy and even moving seems to take effort. I know that there are some who utilize the "fight" response … Continue reading Healing Wounds Which No One Sees

Honest Work (And The People I Meet There)

I want to write a shorter entry, because the last one was so long. Though I didn't sleep well last night, I don't feel overly tired. I've been able to heal enough (emotionally) that I'm able to accommodate a reasonable amount of insomnia and I've been able to develop a few techniques which keep me … Continue reading Honest Work (And The People I Meet There)

My Evening With “Satchmo”…And A Wonderful World

I must admit I'm struggling a bit tonight. I've stumbled across that Minotaur and we're slugging it out pretty fiercely. But I refuse to yield my optimism or my determination. As I'm sitting here, wrestling with that primeval beast within myself, a song suddenly came to mind and I've been playing it over and over … Continue reading My Evening With “Satchmo”…And A Wonderful World

“I Am” Is Quite Enough!

Just got back from my chiropractors appointment. Yea, I may be experiencing the onset of arthritis. This, of itself, is a bit of a bummer. But if it's true, the more ominous thing is that means my autoimmune system is starting to attack the rest of my body again. The consequences of that are anyone's … Continue reading “I Am” Is Quite Enough!