Mindfulness In Small Doses And Sips

As I move onward, I'm coming to understand the importance of meditation and mindfulness. From what I've been told and learned, the more I'm able to be "mindful," the more my mind will be able to process and reduce the pain and anxiety. This, however, is no easy thing. The very reason why I disassociate … Continue reading Mindfulness In Small Doses And Sips

“I Am” Is Quite Enough!

Just got back from my chiropractors appointment. Yea, I may be experiencing the onset of arthritis. This, of itself, is a bit of a bummer. But if it's true, the more ominous thing is that means my autoimmune system is starting to attack the rest of my body again. The consequences of that are anyone's … Continue reading “I Am” Is Quite Enough!