Healing Wounds Which No One Sees

There were several things I needed to do yesterday and it was rather challenging. The difficulty is that, for me at least, trying to do anything is rather difficult because it because I don't have much energy and even moving seems to take effort. I know that there are some who utilize the "fight" response … Continue reading Healing Wounds Which No One Sees

My Evening With “Satchmo”…And A Wonderful World

I must admit I'm struggling a bit tonight. I've stumbled across that Minotaur and we're slugging it out pretty fiercely. But I refuse to yield my optimism or my determination. As I'm sitting here, wrestling with that primeval beast within myself, a song suddenly came to mind and I've been playing it over and over … Continue reading My Evening With “Satchmo”…And A Wonderful World

“I Am” Is Quite Enough!

Just got back from my chiropractors appointment. Yea, I may be experiencing the onset of arthritis. This, of itself, is a bit of a bummer. But if it's true, the more ominous thing is that means my autoimmune system is starting to attack the rest of my body again. The consequences of that are anyone's … Continue reading “I Am” Is Quite Enough!

Is My Body Attacking My Body Again? I’m Quite An Income Stream.

I'm going to see my chiropractor this morning, so I'm going to mention the pain I've been experiencing in my knuckles. It's been going on for a couple of months and I'm hoping it's just that I'm getting older and am more sensitive to the weather. There's a part of me that doesn't want to … Continue reading Is My Body Attacking My Body Again? I’m Quite An Income Stream.

Cortisol And Dr. Who

The fatigue just hit me about an hour ago. This is a challenge, because it makes everything else heavier to carry. It also inclines me towards all the negative: thoughts, anxieties, hopelessness, irritability and more. Many years ago, all the doctors I went to assumed the fatigue was due to depression...but no one bothered to … Continue reading Cortisol And Dr. Who

Confronting My Anxiety

I was thinking about my last entry and anxiety. It's a challenging thing to deal with as I'm always on edge to a certain extent. It just depends on how powerful it is and how much I'm able to beat it back or cope with it. Sometimes are easier than others. If I'm feeling relatively … Continue reading Confronting My Anxiety

Helping My Son With Anxiety…As I Struggle With It Myself

One of the surprising things I've come across with in the WordPress world are the number of people who struggle with anxiety. It shouldn't surprise me, but for some reason it did. I struggle with anxiety myself. Part of it is fed by CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and the way my experiences altered … Continue reading Helping My Son With Anxiety…As I Struggle With It Myself

Insomnia Of Fear

There are some nights when my physical illness prevents me from sleeping. This makes for very long nights, listening to the seconds slowly tick by. These endless nights are followed by days of exhaustion and mental fogginess. The inability to sleep, further impacts my health because it's at night that healing and (mental / emotional) … Continue reading Insomnia Of Fear

Striving To Find Peace Within, So That I Can Reach Out

I haven't written anything for a week or so because of the tech meeting I hosted last week. For a first time meeting, I suppose it went as well enough. One person walked out and a number of the others seemed rather disappointed about what we did. I did what I could to engage everyone … Continue reading Striving To Find Peace Within, So That I Can Reach Out

It All Worked Out Well…Just Never Surrender!

All ended well. I do what I can to deal with my challenges and issues, but not allow those things to effect my own family. I know all too well what it's like for parents to lay their own burdens on their children. I'm passionate about not doing that to my own family. I've found … Continue reading It All Worked Out Well…Just Never Surrender!